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The first book I remember reading was "Where The Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein at the age of 6.  My teacher didn't believe me and called me a liar.  That bitch.  Anyway, I wrote my first book at the age of 14.  It was about a bunch of groupies who went after their favorite hair band to find love.  I hope that book NEVER sees the light of day. 

My first real book was (is) The Song of the Sleeping Grass.  My experiences as a traveler, as a sailor in the Navy, and as a military spouse inspired me to write it.  Becky Campbell/Medina is based on real women that I've met - women who did everything right to keep their military men happy, but still fell short.  We don't hear their voices enough, I think.  Anyway, Becky is able to weather her marriage and divorce and then goes on an adventure in Scotland where she finds a man who has his own demons to fight, but wants to do so with Becky by his side. 

The books that follow are: Joppa Park, The Wolves (a series of seven novellas), Summation of Love, and Nice Shootin' Tex!  All of my books are in the Women's Fiction vein of books (where romance happens, but is not central to the plot - character growth is); The Wolves features a paranormal aspect in the form of werewolves (I love me some werewolves). 

I am a self-published author, by the way.  I did try to go the traditional route (literary agents), but got mostly rejected, with the exception of a couple of instances where the prospective agents wanted me to change too much of Song.  So I went my own way!  It has been a learning process - marketing, cover designs, editing, beta readers...but it has been FUN and invigorating. 

In any case, thanks for stopping by.  If you want to reach me about basically anything, stop by my Twitter page @criosmyers to leave me a question.  If you are a fellow writer looking for a review heavy on editing, I don't do that.  Sadly, I've left too many writer friends down in that department (I didn't finish their requested reviews). 

Happy Reading!

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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