Saturday, May 23, 2015

Funny Pictures

Along with reading and writing, I love taking pictures. All I have is a point-and-shoot camera; nothing fancy.  We recently got back from a vacation to Chicago and Pittsburgh, where I took lots of pictures.  (Some were taken here in Southern California).

It looks like the cute little Mi-Tan figure is letting loose.  

McCormick?!  Making Adobo!!!  You are going too far.

I appreciate the artistry of this. 

Okay, Murray.  You've got my vote.

Simply gorgeous.

Bored on the flight, so I thought I'd roll back the clock a bit.  

Hmmm...  I wonder if the Sunmaid maid knew that I was on my way to Chicago to visit family.

Why, yes!  I do like looking at a breakfast platter before using the toilet.

An RV pulling an Airstream.  Pretty impressive.

Not your typical Pennsylvania Dutch barn art.

First shot at trying to find my rental car.  Not it.

Second attempt at trying to find my rental car.  Fail.

Third attempt to find my rental car. Winner!

Skip's watching...and waiting.  

Washington and Guyasuta looking intense.

I don't think the picture quite captures the nature of the "Screw You" green of this house.  

I always carry my camera with me, and you should, too.  You never know what you'll find.

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